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"In terms of learning case prep quickly, it's like the difference between learning a sport by practicing with a seasoned coach, versus just trying to self-learn by reading books about it - the difference is night and day. In the end, I received offers from BCG and EY Parthenon, and had a final round interview scheduled for Kearney. Thanks so much David and the team, I couldn't have done it without you!" - Tepper CMU MBA

"Just wanted to thank you again for being an amazing resource on my journey. From the larger UCLA trainings to our small group sessions and winter camp, your strategies/preparations were invaluable and set me up for success. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and can confidently say my offer would not have been possible without your guidance!" - UCLA Anderson MBA

"I just wanted to reach out and let you and Deborah know I got an internship offer from BCG! Your classes and case arenas really helped me improve my insight development, and in the end, I think that's what helped me stand out. Thank you so much for your help, and I will definitely be recommending your programs!!" - GA Tech MBA

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've found our summer camp sessions to be invaluable. I'm really grateful for the care and time that has gone into these live sessions. In my mind, the networking and availability of quality casing partners alone has been worth the cost of the course." - UW Foster MBA

Superior Structuring. Insightful Analysis. Powerful Closings.

Choose one or both tracks to tailor the training to your timeline and case experience.

Foundations Track

Candidates with Beginner to Intermediate Casing Skills

The Foundations Track begins with three sessions focused on the most common case types: profitability, market entry and growth cases. In addition, you'll learn how to navigate the stages of a case interview, how to generate a hypothesis, and how to delivering a strong closing recommendation.


Advanced Track

Candidates with Advanced Casing Skills

The Advanced Track has three more sessions of intensive training to take you beyond the fundamentals. You'll learn how to handle less common case types, how to develop mid-case structures, and how to analyze data, slides and formulas in less time with better insights. You'll also discover the most neglected key to case success: presenting yourself as a confident business advisor.


Camp Curriculum

Foundations Track

Advanced Track

Bonus Sessions



  • 6 Recorded Sessions with Expert Coaches
  • Instant Access to Foundations + Advanced Tracks
  • Drills & Practice Cases with each Session
  • 7 Case Arenas - Watch a full case & debrief
  • Interview Logic - Behavioral Training Bonus
  • 75% Discount off regular price of $398 for live camp!

Meet our Instructors

Learn how to master your cases with ex-MBB trainers David Ohrvall and Deborah Resnick.


David Ohrvall, Founder & CEO of Zintervu
Author of Crack the Case & Interview Logic, Ex-Bain Manager

David is the founder of Zintervu (formerly MBACASE) and the author of Crack the Case System and Interview Logic. A dynamic and engaging speaker, David has trained over 70,000 students at top business schools worldwide. David’s insider knowledge as an ex-Bain & Company manager and deep experience as an interview coach combine to bring you an outstanding learning experience that will enhance your problem-solving skills, logical communication, and personal presentation. David earned his B.S. and MBA at The Wharton Business School. In addition to management consulting, David’s background includes executive positions in corporate strategy and M&A advisory.

Resnick profile pic-sq-crop

Deborah Resnick, Zintervu Trainer & Coach
Ex-McKinsey Director of Professional Development

Deborah Resnick, trainer and coach with Zintervu, draws from her past experiences as a top-rated McKinsey consultant, former Director of Professional Development for McKinsey’s Midwest offices, and current advisor to corporate clients on people/talent management related issues. The energy, unique insights, honest perspective, and highly actionable tips Deborah brings to her workshops reflect her extensive experience as an interviewer and intense passion for helping individuals through career transitions. Deborah earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and MBA from Harvard Business School.

What our campers say...

“David and Deborah, I received an offer from McKinsey last week! Crack the Case Summer Camp definitely helped me take my case performance to the next level. Another thing that really helped me was practicing cases with folks of other schools. Each school has a slightly unique case performance style. The summer camp helped me observe and learn new styles, enabling me to come up with the most effective style. Thanks for all the help and support.”
Tepper MBA
McKinsey Offer

“David, good news! I got the ZS offer. I was able to power through their exhibits and extreme data thanks to Summer Camp. I made it to the final round with McKinsey, but didn’t get the offer. But I am really happy about ZS. Thanks for everything.”
Duke MBA
ZS Offer

“David, great news! I just got an offer from LEK. Summer Camp was instrumental in getting me to this point. Thanks for all your help!”
LEK Offer

"David and Deborah, thanks so much for the Crack the Case Summer Camp! It covered all the basics and more. I especially enjoyed your focused sessions on structuring and graph reading, as well as the Case Arenas! Summer camp gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get all 3 MBB offers!"
Bain, BCG & McKinsey Offers


“And a final update…I got a call 2 hours after my virtual super day and I got the offer, McKinsey Dallas!!! Thank you so much for the support and for pushing me harder than I thought was possible.”
UT McCombs Undergrad
McKinsey Offer

“David and Deborah, I made it to the final round at Bain, but did not get an offer. However, I did get an offer from Oliver Wyman, which I recently accepted. Thank you so much for setting a strong foundation for me in terms of casing! It really helped throughout this process.” 
Amherst Undergrad
Oliver Wyman Offer



  • 6 Recorded Sessions with Expert Coaches
  • Instant Access to Foundations + Advanced Tracks
  • Drills & Practice Cases with each Session
  • 7 Case Arenas - Watch a full case & debrief
  • Interview Logic - Behavioral Training Bonus
  • 75% Discount off regular price of $398 for this camp!

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